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Experts Overwhelmingly Pick the Broncos to Beat the Chiefs

The experts have spoken and they're picking....

The Denver Broncos to beat the Kansas City Chiefs.

The fans have spoken, too, and they're picking the Broncos to win by an average score of 25.3 to 15.7. That'd be okay for some folks in Vegas, where the line yesterday was 12.5 points (and has moved to 11 today).

Here are the ESPN expert picks:


Depressing, right?

NFL Network wasn't any kinder. Joe Theismann, Brian Baldinger and Sterling Sharpe all picked the Broncos as well. also strangely provided this under the 'Keep an eye on...' section.

Todd Haley's temper: The Chiefs coach is wrapping up his first season at the helm, and there have been more downs (12 losses) than ups (three wins). Haley is not afraid to let his players have it on the sideline when they make a mistake, and should things turn ugly against the Broncos, he has one last chance to vent his frustrations.

So the mainstream media and NFL analysts are expecting a Broncos win and a Todd Haley blowup.

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