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Richard Seymour Willing to Stay With the Raiders

As many of you know, the Oakland Raiders sent a first round pick to the New England Patriots for the rights to Richard Seymour. He is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent this offseason but the majority of folks believe he'll be slapped with the franchise tag keeping him in Oakland at least one more year.

According to Seymour, he wouldn't mind signing a longer deal with the Raiders. Here's what he had to say on WEEI (via

I talked with Mr. Davis before I left and he said he would be getting in touch with my agent to try and work a deal out. How that works out, you know it’s the business; it’s always give and take on both sides as far as contract negotiations. I would like to re-sign out in Oakland because I think when you can become a foundation piece and help turn an organization around, I mean that’s a challenge to me. That’s something where I am willing to take on that responsibility and that challenge. 

This brings up a few things from the Chiefs perspective.

First, Seymour is a long-time 3-4 guy and familiar with Chiefs GM Scott Pioli so if he were to hit the market, there would definitely be chatter that the Chiefs could be interested. How interested? I doubt much because the Chiefs have a young nucleus they're starting at defensive end.

Second, Seymour is a heck of a player and should continue to excel in Oakland so that isn't good news for Chiefs fans.

Third, does he really want to stay in Oakland? Yikes.

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