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Herm Responds to Benny Sapp Regarding Departure From Chiefs

This morning, we talked about a story in the Pioneer Press regarding Benny Sapp's departure from the Kansas City Chiefs following the 2007 season. Sapp claims that former Chiefs coach Herm Edwards told him he wasn't good enough to be a cornerback in the NFL.

At the time of the posting, Herm hadn't responded to requests from the Pioneer Press to respond. 

Now he has.

"I told him that if he wanted to be a starting cornerback, he had to be more disciplined," Edwards said. "He's a tough guy, competitive, aggressive, but he didn't have that discipline he needed. Sometimes a guy has to get let go to understand that.

"I don't want this to get into a his-word-against-mine thing, but I've never said that to any player, and I've been around for a long time. They've had some injuries up there, and he's gotten a chance to start there and he's playing well. I'm pulling for Benny Sapp."

Herm also says he talked to the Vikings before they signed Sapp and told them he was "intense, a tough guy, a great blitzer."

Herm has regularly talked to NFL teams regarding players he's coached before and spoke highly of them. We'll never learn the complete truth but I'm leaning towards siding with Herm on this one.

(H/T NJ Chiefs Fan...again)

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