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Former Chiefs CB Benny Sapp Apparently Not a Big Herm Fan

Former Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Benny Sapp apparently isn't a very big fan of former Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards. While Sapp says Herm is a good guy, he talked to the Pioneer Press about the one time Herm did him wrong.

Following the 2007 season, Sapp was a free agent having played all four of his NFL seasons with the Chiefs. He called up Herm to see about getting a job.

"He just told me I'd never be good enough to play cornerback in the NFL," Sapp said.

It wasn't a 'You're a safety, not a corner' type conversation either. Herm just said flat out he wasn't good enough, according to Sapp.

"No, I just couldn't play," Sapp said. "That was the last conversation I had with him."

Herm didn't return phone calls from the Pioneer Press regarding Sapp's words but the former Chiefs corner is playing for the Minnesota Vikings who, by the way, have a shot at getting into the Super Bowl this weekend.

"I knew I could do it already," Sapp said of Herm's words. "I was like, he's just talking crap."

The Chiefs have been okay without Sapp. The year after his departure, the Chiefs would draft Brandon Flowers in the top of the second round and Brandon Carr in the fifth round. 

Both are now starters.

(H/T NJ Chiefs Fan in Arrowheadlines)

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