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SBNation Now Has All Four Major Sports Covered

SBNation, the parents of Arrowhead Pride, recently added a Los Angeles Kings community, Jewels from the Crown.

Why is this a big deal? Per Tyler, the founder of SBNation:

It's only taken about five years, but we finally have coverage of all the teams in all four major North American sports leagues, the NBA, NFL, MLB and the NHL.

Today we launched Jewels from the Crown, a Los Angeles Kings community, and that was the site that put us over the top.  It's taken us a long time to get to this point because we took our time to find the right writer for each site to make sure that fans of every team had a community they could love.

Way back in 2004, Tyler started up A few more baseball blogs were added as the start of of SBNation.

Five years later there are well over 200 sites for all kinds of sports. Awesome. Major congrats to everyone involved in SBNation, and especially Tyler.

Check out, which is a great way to act like you're working when your boss is around check out sports on your own time.

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