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Saints Leads Cardinals 35-14 at Half

This was the most entertaining first half of football I've seen in a long time. It's 35-14 in favor of the Saints. A quick recap:

  • Cardinals RB Tim Hightower had a 70-yard TD run to open up the game;
  • Saints RB Reggie Bush had a rather amazing 46-yard TD run in the first quarter;
  • Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald has just two catches and they both came with less than one minute left in the half;
  • There have been seven total touchdowns in this game;
  • QB Kurt Warner went to the locker room right before half after getting popped by a Saints defender (Matt Leinart finished the half at QB); and,
  • The Superdome is absolutely rocking. You can feel the excitement through your television.

I anticipate the second half being even better. Let's go....Cardinals?

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