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Chiefs Coach Haley Gets Low Marks as Offensive Coordinator

Pro Football Weekly is coming out with their coordinator rankings for the 2009 season. Last week, we saw them rank the defensive coordinators with Clancy Pendergast coming in at 16th in the NFL. They cited a lack of personnel and the transition from the 4-3 to the 3-4 as the biggest reasons for the Chiefs struggles.

Today, they've unveiled their offensive coordinator rankings and Chiefs head coach Todd Haley ranks 27th in the NFL. They cite similar concerns with the personnel.

PFW also got the opinion of "anonymous pro personnel evaluators" to give a little insight into the ranking. Here's what they had to say on Haley:

"I guess what they are is a multifaceted offense that does not have personnel to be faceted. Haley wants to push the ball downfield and run play-pass action, but he does not have the personnel to do it yet, so I guess it will be up to Charlie Weis to get it figured out now. Whether it is the Dallas, Arizona or New England offense (the Chiefs are trying to run), it was not effective this year because they didn't have the personnel. Regardless of the talent, it was not a very creative offense."

PFW said they took into account specific circumstances, like the head coach calling the plays and firing coordinators weeks before the season.

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