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VIDEO: Chiefs Last Playoff Victory Came 16 Years Ago

Has it been that long? Time flies.

16 years ago on this date the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Houston Oilers in the divisional round of the playoffs to advance to the AFC Championship game against the Buffalo Bills.

It was the last time the Chiefs have won a playoff game.

These old SportsCenter highlights bring back so many memories. I still remember sitting in our living room at my folks' house with Chris and my Dad watching this game. Great, great memories.

The video is above. If you're unfortunate enough to be at work today, and can't watch the video, I made a few notes of my favorite parts after the jump.

Enjoy! (H/T to ChiefsPlanet for the video)

  • Two dropped touchdown passes by Willie Davis (I wasn't even a teenager when this game was on and Cris Dishman tipping that pass is still singed into my memory)
  • Montana tying an NFL record with a touchdown pass in 10 straight playoff games
  • That Oilers defense was full of pressure. Amazing even today.
  • Montana's right elbow "looked like a pear" after getting hit (3:35 mark)
  • DT sack and forced fumble, Saleamuau recovers
  • Berman: "Keith Cash is money in the bank"

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