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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 1/16

Happy Saturday. Here's your daily dose of Kansas City Chiefs news from across the internet. I will not be able to get one of these out tomorrow. I'll be out of town, and away from a computer till late in the day.

It’s another double-header weekend for the NFL Playoffs this Saturday and Sunday. Remember back to the days when the Chiefs would be active in this round of the playoffs. Like in 1991, 1993, 1995, 1997 and 2003? Seems like a long time ago. Especially when we remember that it was 16 years ago today that the Chiefs won their last game in the playoffs. Think about that for a second … a child born on January 16, 1994 would be of age to have a driver’s license today. Incredible! Anyway, that victory over the Oilers is the subject for our man Enrique and I thought it was a good way to present the weekend.

Good Riddance from Bob Gretz

As we rebuild this team, perhaps no task is more important than making sure that Cassel is protected better in the upcoming season than he was over the course of a brutal 2009 campaign. I understand that, hell I think virtually every Chiefs fan agrees with that fact.

But please, Scott. Please, please, please, please please please, PLEASE, PLEASE, please don’t even think about drafting an offensive tackle fifth overall.

Don’t entertain the idea. Don’t even allow the idea to exist. Question the very existence of all reality should that idea be presented to you. If Jesus Christ Himself walks through your office door, and says My lamb, Bruce Campbell doth haveth great lateral agility, just (very politely) tell Him to divine Himself a new draft board. He has more important things to do anyway. As we speak Al Davis is holding a demonic trident and begging to be smited.


NFL teams have plenty of information on most of the top-ranked players, but there are some players leaving early that have very slim files in the personnel departments. But from what we can tell by talking with scouts and personnel types, here’s where these underclassmen rank right now before finally evaluations. These names are in alphabetical order:

Underclassmen In 2010 Draft from Bob Gretz

Fair Lawn's first season under Mr. Devens — 1965 — was sparkling. Led by star running back Bruce Jankowski, the Cutters finished 8-0-1 and captured the NNJIL title. Only a 12-12 tie with Hackensack prevented a perfect season...

...Jankowski, who played wide receiver for Ohio State and for the NFL's Kansas City Chiefs, said Thursday that Mr. Devens "got me ready for the next level."

"It was a luxury to have Frank Devens as coach early in my career," said Jankowski, who works in technology sales. "Because of him, I understood what hard work was. … He cared about his players, but when you were on the field, you had to work your fanny off."

Frank Devens, 79; successful football coach at Fair Lawn from

With Weis and Crennel on board, there is no doubt Chiefs are fully committed to winning their first Super Bowl title in 40 years. The two served on the Patriots’ staff during three Super Bowl runs from 2001 to 2004, but most don’t realize they both served on a previous staff with Bill Belichick, as components of Bill Parcells’ Giants’ staff in the late 80s and early 90s.

A decade ago, some Bostonians probably grumbled about their "New England Giants" before they saw results with their franchise’s first championship. Some Chiefs fans are grumbling in a similar manner now, but the recent influx of coaching from the east coast is not the first time the Chiefs have sought a remodeling project over a rebuilding project with straight-up homegrown talent.

Chiefs Remodel Themselves Again from WPI

Peter King checked in with Dale & Holley on Friday to give his take on the offseason in the NFL and on this weekends Divisional playoff games.

With Dean Pees now out as defensive coordinator and Romeo Crennel in Kansas City, King talked about why Crennel jumped to the Chiefs and didn’t wait for his old job to open up...

Why do you think Romeo Crennel goes to Kansas City when he could have come to New England?

My only thought is A: I think [Crennel] felt a little bit more comfortable in trying to do something himself. And B: I think one of the things that I know that Romeo Crennel surely was attracted to in Kansas City is that that thing is going to be his defense. He’s going to be making the calls, it’s going to be all him.

Peter King on D&H: The Pats’ defensive problems from WEEI

Player Tweets

almighty31 im up and wired. nxt stop start trouble inside the waffle house
almighty31 im the best kept secret

Media and Fans

goodeenuff: 1967 Super Bowl I, held in LA, the Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs- $10 a ticket, some 61,946 fans attended the game
jleachrealtor: Crennel and Weis. Will the Chiefs make the playoffs in 2010?

sergioleone: @stevenlourie Good Mock draft. I'm curious if the Chiefs wheel and deal up to try to take Clausen, even though they have big bucks w/ Cassel

 DSP_Chiefs: the rest of the nfl would be hard pressed to improve their coaching staff more than the chiefs have.

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