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Broncos Wanted Crennel, Too?

I'd heard a previous rumor making the rounds that the Denver Broncos were interested in acquiring the services of Romeo Crennel.

According to Matt Bowen of the National Football Post, that is indeed the case.

Bowen reports the Broncos, along with the rest of the suspects I've previously named, were in the hunt for Crennel.

Bowen goes into Crennel a little more.

He was a wanted name because he can coach defense, just as Weis can coach offense. Crennel is schemed in the 3-4 front, and although he will coach differently than Clancy Pendergast in K.C., the foundation is there for him to succeed.

It will be an eye-opening experience for the players who do return to the Chiefs — along with draft picks and free-agent acquisitions — when the team opens its spring practices with both Weis and Crennel. Whatever was taught in the past will be flipped, and whatever they thought was acceptable and conducive to winning will be replaced by new voices and new ways to practice.

Is this big news? No. Does it really matter? No, not really.

But think about this. Two of the most important pieces to the puzzle - Matt Cassel and Crennel - were coveted by the Broncos.

Nice to know that we've got a few things that they want.

(H/T NJ Chiefs Fan jbj8609)

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