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Crennel Says Chiefs Won't Be Limited to the 3-4 Defense

New Kansas City Chiefs defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel was introduced to the Kansas City media this afternoon via teleconference.

([The other] AP writer Doug Tucker on the teleconferences: Is the media that ugly?)

He is admittedly a little raw as far as the Chiefs personnel goes. He's just now starting to break down the team but did point out the effort in the week 17 victory against the Broncos was a good sign.

The Chiefs are going to stay in the 3-4, he says, but not necessarily all the time.

"We’re going to be based in a 3-4, but we will not be limited to the 3-4," he told reporters.

"We can do some other things, which we will. We will mix things up as we need to. Each game plan is different and you have to look at your opponent to see what their strong points are and then what you think you need to do to take away their strengths and then try to take advantage of them that way."

Chiefs coach Haley has also indicated that they will run the offense and defense at the weaknesses of the opponent.

"I think that is a great question," Haley said, "because there are some teams that are not game-plan teams and there are some teams that are. I would say that it is one thing that has been unique to this system on both sides of the ball that we are a game-plan team that is going to do whatever is necessary to win on both sides of the ball."

"Like I mentioned before," Crennel said, "we are going to base out of the 3-4 but I have been in games where we have gone in and played 70 percent zone. I have been in games where we have gone in and played 70 percent man, so it just depends on what the game plan is for that particular opponent. Basically it is going to be a combination of zone and man going in. Now how much we pressure or how much we don’t pressure is going to depend on the game plan primarily."

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