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Chiefs Two New Coordinators Had Plenty Of Opportunities Elsewhere

Whenever the Kansas City Chiefs make a move - whether that be signing a player or a coach - I'm always interested in who else was interested in that particular player or coach. I think if a lot of folks were interested, then you've gotta feel pretty good about the situation because there you weren't the only ones who thought player X or coach X had the ability to succeed.

In the case of the Chiefs two new coordinators - Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel - both had plenty of other opportunities.

In Weis' case, it was rumored that a handful of other teams were interested in his services. One connection was the Buffalo Bills, who had a head coaching vacancy.

In the case of Romeo Crennel, it's been strongly rumored that the Redskins, Bills, Dolphins and Giants were interested as well.

Crennel didn't go into specifics of what other teams might have been interested other than to say, "There were a few lines in the water."

The Chiefs two coordinators were wanted men before they came to Kansas City. Let's hope that was for a reason.

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