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Haley Talks About Selling Free Agents on the Chiefs

We've previously talked about the difficulties the Kansas City Chiefs could face entering free agency. When you're a team located in a small market, coming off ten wins in three years, and a head coach that's known for his rigorous conditioning, it's not the easiest thing in the world to convince a free agent to come to your city without overpaying.

Hiring Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel will make it a little easier to sell Kansas City since it shows the Chiefs are serious about assembling the best available teachers for their players.

Chiefs head coach Todd Haley used Weis as an example of free agents coming to Kansas City.

"I think that no different than Charlie Weis having multiple opportunitities to go places in this league and the NCAA so I think it is a matter of spending some time with guys, players and coaches and just letting them know what is going on and where we are at," Haley said to Nick Wright on 610 Sports via

"Again, from the outside view that is a little different from the inside view and again that is part of life and that is part of the NFL."

Haley points out that the Chiefs aren't the first bad team looking to rebuild and convince free agents to come to their city. Look at the 2007-08 Dolphins as a good example.

"We are not the first team that would have to sell what is really going on. But again I do think that the people that we end up getting here, if and who they are, will understand and again no different than Coach Weis. I think that he wants to win as much as anybody. There is a reason that he came here."

It's still a very difficult job, especially since GM Scott Pioli has stated time and time again that overpaying for free agents isn't his style, but I do think the addition of Weis and Crennel should benefit the Chiefs in free agency.

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