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Whitlock: Weis, Crennel Could be a Threat to Chiefs Coach Haley

I've talked before about some concerns with the Kansas City Chiefs two new coordinators, Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel. One of the big ones is that both of these guys have been head coaches before and could be looking to become one again.

Hypothetically, late in the 2010 season, if Todd Haley is having a bad year with the Chiefs, Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star writes one of these two coordinators could make a play to become the head coach of the Chiefs.

"Good coaches are paranoid," Whitlock writes. "They perceive every move by ownership/management as a potential threat to their power. Paranoia is what drives a good coach to be great. Paranoia is what makes a coach sleep at his office and punt on fourth down."

I think this is true in the case of many coaches across the league and you often see guys that are hired because they're not a threat to the current management team. I can't tell you whether it's true of Haley, but personally I'm leaning toward no.

The Parcells tree is loosely characterized by the loyalty they've shown each other. Look at Parcells in Miami right now. He's looking at possibly bringing back Al Groh, who he first worked with in 1978 and last worked with in 2000. These guys usually don't screw each other over (Eric Mangini would say otherwise, though).

"Haley’s background is extremely unusual for an NFL head coach," Whitlock writes. "Golfers focus on a single obstacle, the course. A football coach worries about a million things, including what his assistants may or may not be plotting."

Again, I personally don't think that's the case but Whitlock does make some good points here and this is something to keep an eye on.

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