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Wade Smith was the Best Value on the Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Line

In addition to our Greatest Chiefs and Keep or Cut series, we're starting another this morning: Best Value by Position.

What's that you ask? I'm going to examine each position group's players and compare their 2009 salaries to their stats. I'm judging value to mean the most impact for the least amount of money, or the "best deal" if you will. And of course, there will be a vote on who is the best value by each position group.

Today, we have the Kansas City Chiefs offensive line.

Wade Smith would is at the top of the best value list for me. He only made $875,330 in '09 and played in all sixteen games. He didn't start as many games as some other players did but we all know Smith is our utility offensive linemen. He plays center, guard and tackle. His ability to step and play different positions when players get injured is just absolutely huge in my opinion.

My second pick for best value on the o-line is C Rudy Niswanger. He started all sixteen games for the Chiefs and came in at just under $100,000 per start. He also only had two sacks allowed and four penalties. The penalty number isn't especially impressive until you compare it to some of the Chiefs' other o-linemen.

After the jump, I've taken each Chiefs offensive linemen and listed their:

  • Games played and games started;
  • 2009 total salary (this includes signing bonuses and other bonuses);
  • Penalties committed; and,
  • Sacks allowed.

Check out the stats after the jump and let us know who you think the best value on the Chiefs' offensive line is. Who do we get the most from at the least amount of cost? Remember, this isn't only about money. If you feel like Brian Waters and his $4.1 million dollar salary was a good value, then by all means make an argument.

LT Branden Albert


  • Played in 14 games (14 starts)
  • $3,598,950 ($257,067 per start)
  • 10 penalties
  • 9 sacks allowed

G Mike Goff


  • Played in 8 games (7 starts)
  • $1,700,000 ($242,857 per start)
  • 1 penalty
  • 3.5 sacks allowed

G Andy Alleman


  • Played in 9 games (3 starts)
  • $466,240 ($155,413 per start)
  • 1 penalty
  • 1.5 sacks allowed

T Ikechuku Ndukwe


  • Played in 12 games (3 starts)
  • $466,240 ($155,413 per start)
  • 2 penalties
  • 1.5 sacks allowed

C Rudy Niswanger


  • Played in 16 games (16 starts)
  • $1,550,330 ($96,895 per start)
  • 4 penalties
  • 2 sacks allowed

T Ryan O'Callaghan


  • Played in 14 games (12 starts)
  • $655,330 ($54,610 per start)
  • 2 penalties
  • 4 sacks allowed

G/C/T Wade Smith


  • Played in 16 games (9 starts)
  • $875,330 ($97,258 per start)
  • 2 penalties
  • 4 sacks allowed

LG Brian Waters


  • $4,100,000 ($273,333 per start)
  • Played in 15 games (15 starts)
  • 8 penalties
  • 1.5 sacks allowed

T Colin Brown


  • $463,800
  • Placed on IR before the season

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