More Reports Saying Brown to Raiders Deal is Done


As most of you know, Al Davis has had a hard time getting coaches to come to the dark side.  Ever since the recent firing of the Raiders head coach there has been speculation on who would even want the Oakland HC job.

Well, it looks like the Raiders are going to get someone that can represent the Al Davis image (or condition).

Al Davis has made up his mind...and it is Coach Brown.  Charlie was a kicker in his playing years (photo after the jump) but has since made the transition to coaching a pee-wee football team. 

Coach Brown (side photo source) was known to have an abnormally large head.  Al was reported as saying, "If a guy can have a head like that then he must have a brain that can get me to the playoffs."

A few more tidbits about the Raiders new hiring after the jump.



To show his support, Al Davis erected a statue of Charlie Brown at the end of one of the end zones.  The statue is made of pure silver (photo right source) and is said to have the inscription, "Tear down after one year."

Coach Brown has been toiling away in the pee-wee football ranks for around 5 years now.  He has yet to have a winning record...but Al could not get anyone with a winning record to take the job. 

Charlie is known to subscribe to the philosophy of "run the dive twice and then chuck it".  Which attracted Al to Charlie in the first place.

Mr. Davis, trying to keep pace with the recent Kansas City Chiefs hirings, is also reported to be looking into the availability of "that dude from Rudy".  No one is really sure who Al means by the statement.



  Pic of Charlie in his playing years source



Go Chiefs...Down with the Raiders!

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