Richard Seymour to KC???

I'm sure many of you like me read the article this morning about Richard Seymour( heading into free agency this off season. With that floating around in my head and the fact that I did not want to work at all today I began to day dream about a Chiefs defense with Richard Seymour playing the end.

Do you guys think this is a move that Pioli and Hailey would make?

I know they want to build with young players that buy into "the program" but to add a guy with all of his experience and talent would be a very solid move for this team.

The only downside is that Jackson or Dorsey must goto the bench (Jackson should go in my opinion but whatever). I think that Dorsey showed he can play DE in a 3-4 and play at a high level. I think that Jackson got pushed around but he will grow in his second year just as Dorsey did but benching him or putting him on a rotation may stunt his growth which could turn him into a wasted draft pick (many of you probably its to late for that LOL). But more so then all of these points can you really have a guy sitting on the bench who is one of your highest paid players? Even if Dorsey goes to the bench with a Seymour signing he's a very highly paid player as well.

Whatever happens this offseason will be very interesting so strap on your seat belt and enjoy the ride!!!

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