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Grunhard Has Nice Things To Say About Chiefs' Weis

Tim Grunhard as many of you know went to the University of Notre Dame, which happened to be the same school Charlie Weis graduated from.

Grunhard had nice things to say about Weis today on 810 WHB with Soren Petro.

(Note: Once a domer, always a domer.)

"When you walk into a pro locker room with a couple Super Bowl rings, and a guy that has proven he can pull the trigger and put his team in a position to win offensively, then those guys are going to listen," he said. "Right when he walks in, he doesn't have to prove anything to anybody."

He said having a proven or "name" guy, demands the respect and confidence of the Chiefs, something they've lacked offensively the last few years.

One interesting part of the interview - which will be important heading into 2010 - talked about Todd Haley and Weis coexisting under the same offense.

"Charlie Weis ain't going to take any crap from anybody," Grunhard said. "He's going to do his thing. When Charlie Weis wants to do this, this and that, and all of a sudden Coach Haley disagrees, I'm sure he'll listen but he's going to do what he wants to do because he's signing his name on that offense.

"This is now Charlie Weis's offense, and not Todd Haley's offense."

A promising part of this? All of these guys are from the Parcells tree and, according to Bill Belichick, Parcells encouraged all of his assistants to have an "open line of communication."

"Romeo [Crennel] or Charlie [Weis], they wouldn't really be afraid at times to say 'What are you doing? Are you serious? Really seriously considering that?' And then there is certainly another level of coach that at that time, or at this time, they wouldn't say that to me," Belichick said yesterday.

Grunhard also said that since the last game he's heard that many of the defensive and assistant coaches were afraid of throwing their two cents in to Haley this season.

This is definitely interesting and something to keep an eye out for.

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