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Chiefs Strike Early This Offseason

This is what we were missing. This is what happens when the playoffs are just getting warmed up - massive levels of movement where all coaches and personnel are fair game. And this is the chance that the Chiefs never had last year.

It's this early season just after the New Year where random offers are made and accepted. Pete Carroll said the Seahawks totally took him by surprise and that the timing was right. Think you can swoop in on a major college coach and ask him to run your team later in the spring? Think again. These are the moments where constructing a staff can begin to happen as you survey the entire field, get a good idea of who's available and make the right move on your own timeline.

And look at the results. Some call this New England West. I say who cares about any previous ties. The reality is both Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel are enough to make this writer downright giddy with excitement. Both men have displayed keen minds and inventive schemes in their respective areas in the past and the coaching acumen and experience of both are needed on these rookie sidelines.

Of course, you have to have the right players. Most likely, a dynasty isn't bound to happen in these parts anytime soon. But the Chiefs have taken a serious step forward already this time and giving Scott Pioli the ability to control the entire offseason looks to be a thing of beauty.

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