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Chiefs Coach Acknowledges Interest in Romeo Crennel

Earlier today, we posted a timeline of the stories regarding Romeo Crennel and the Kansas City Chiefs. If you checked it out, then you noticed that this connection started way back in March of 2009, when the Chiefs were rumored to be interested in Crennel, and Crennel's agent later saying that he wasn't going to be coaching in 2009.

Chiefs head coach Todd Haley, speaking on 610 Sports with Nick Wright (Nice work, Nick), acknowledged that he would have liked to have Crennel on his staff last season.

"I don't know if I could say he would have [been on my staff in 2009], but I would have liked him to be here in some capacity," he said on Wright's show.

If Haley "would have liked" to have Crennel in 2009, then the Chiefs 29th ranked scoring last season probably didn't change that feeling.

Haley later said "anything's possible" in response to whether Clancy Pendergast would be staying on the Chiefs staff in 2010.

"Defensively, we're in that staff evaluation process with the understanding that I will not hesitate to make the staff better," he said. "Again, that's not a disrespect to the staff I have here."

Haley called himself "fiercely loyal" referencing his relationship with Bill Parcells, the man that really gave him an opportunity in the NFL. In fact, he called his loyalty the trait he's most proud of in his life.

I think that loyalty could point to two things. First, he's been with Crennel in the past so his loyalty there could bring the free agent coach on board. Second, his loyalty to Pendergast could mean that there's a spot for him on the Chiefs staff in 2010 because I think both parties know what getting fired two years in a row means to the resume.

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