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Romeo Crennel Mystery Candidate Identified?

Paul Pasqualoni, defensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins, has been "relieved of his duties" causing the rumor mill to churn that Bill Parcells is getting in on the Romeo Crennel action.

Parcells and Crennel coached together for all but two seasons from 1981-1999.

Earlier this week, there was a report that a "mystery candidate" could emerge for Crennel's services.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk suggests Parcells taking on his son-in-law Scott Pioli would be unlikely.

"Our first reaction to the news was that the Dolphins possibly are jumping into the bidding for Romeo Crennel, who reportedly is heading to Kansas City.  But we can't imagine Parcells and his son-in-law, Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli, getting into a tug-o-war over Crennel."

In a report earlier today, Vinny DiTrani said another defensive coordinator would be fired today.  Even with that nugget, DiTrani and Adam Schefter report Crennel will still be headed to the Chiefs.

As of now, it doesn't appear the Dolphins open defensive coordinator position will be filled by Crennel.

Update: The Palm Beach Post reports that Crennel will not be going to Miami.

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