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Some Agents Directing Players Away from the Chiefs?

We've previously expressed some concerns for the Kansas City Chiefs entering free agency this offseason. With the franchise in its current condition, the Chiefs brass will have to overpay for elite talent. Players need a little extra motivation to come to a team that's won 10 games in three seasons.

Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star spoke with an agent who suggests the Chiefs will have trouble attracting high-level talent in free agency.

"One well-known player’s agent says the Chiefs’ franchise appears disorganized, even a year after its latest project began," Babb writes. "The agent says there is a belief within the industry that the Chiefs’ ownership isn’t yet willing to spend money to attract big-name free agents. After all, the team failed to sign a game-changing free agent last offseason, and the agent says he doesn’t expect it this year, either."

That belief within the industry is backed up by the lack of big money names over the last few years in free agency. The Chiefs paid Matt Cassel but, other than that, haven't made a splash in free agency.

"I would really try to be directing them more to an organization," the agent said according to Babb, "that’s clearly shown that they’re on the right path."

Chiefs GM Scott Pioli has said before that just because you have money available, doesn't mean you have to let it burn a whole in your pocket. At the same time, he suggests that the money is there should he wish to spend it.

"I would not have accepted this job," Pioli said, "had there been a mandate on spending or free agents. In the time I have been here, Clark has not said no."

All money being equal, why would a player choose Kansas City over many of the other teams out there? I'm not sure that they would, which is why I believe the Chiefs will be overpaying if they choose to go after top talent.

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