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Volunteers S Eric Berry Makes It Official

Looks like Eric Berry is doing what many of us have expected him to do: Forgo his senior season and enter his name into the 2010 NFL Draft.

"I chose to go ahead and enter the draft this following the year," Berry said after last night's loss to Virginia Tech. "I really did go over every possible situation, scenario that I could, went over it with coach (Lane Kiffin), went over it with my parents, and you know coach just told me this would probably be the best thing for me to do is enter the draft."

The Chiefs have been linked to Berry, likely the top rated safety in the draft, because they have holes at both safety positions.

Berry definitely fits a need for the Chiefs and definitely fits the mold of the "right 53" the front office has talked about so much. Here's an snippet from a recent news article (linked by WesternChief in the FanShots) that sums up what I'm talking about.

He recently joined UT’s student managers and helped them prepare the Vols helmets for a game. He scrubbed, wiped down and applied decals to the team’s headgear.

"He treats everybody with respect, and he treats everybody like they’re somebody," Vols defensive tackle Wes Brown said. "A lot of people see his athletic ability, but when you really meet him, you see how he treats people and see he’s just a down to earth guy. That’s why people love him so much."

He said last night that his decision was based partly on the fact that it would allow his parents to "sit down and relax" after raising he and his brothers.

Get used to hearing his name. I imagine we'll be talking about him for the next five months.

(H/T The. Face Of The Franchise for getting the first FanShot up)

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