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Who Will the Chiefs Name Team Captains?

This is a question that hasn't come up around here very often.  Very soon, possibly tomorrow, the Kansas City Chiefs name their team captains.  Last year, the Chiefs announced the captains on the Thursday leading up to the season opener.

Many times they're done via a player vote.  Last year the Patriots had eight team captains while the Cardinals had five.

The captains on the 2008 Chiefs were Brian Waters, Patrick Surtain, Pat Thomas and Jon McGraw.  Each represented their side of the ball.

Suffice to say, this year's set will be a lot different.  Patrick Surtain and Pat Thomas are not on the team anymore.

There's an argument there that Waters will remain a team captain.  Despite his reported run-in with Todd Haley prior to offseason workouts, he's been one of the players that the rest of the team looks up to.  Though he reported out to mandatory workouts in June a little out of shape according to Haley, he's now in game mode and by all accounts in great shape for the season.

I could also see Jon McGraw leading the special teams unit.  He's a well-spoken and respected member of the team and apparently on Haley's good side as evidenced by his appearance on the first team defense.

Make the jump for a possible list of candidates for the Chiefs '09 team captains.

Mike Vrabel: He didn't sound enthused to be in Kansas City when reports first surfaced of a trade but, by many accounts, is quickly becoming a leader on the defense.  Just this week Tank Tyler talked about Vrabel's on-the-field presence.

"It’s not often you hear guys speak up and talk out there," he said of Vrabel. "It’s great having him with us. You have to listen to what he has to say."

Mike Brown: He's a player in a similar mold as Vrabel in terms of being a veteran, who reportedly works hard and has been around success before.  His future with the Chiefs has been optimistically compared to Rodney Harrison with the Patriots.  Another leader on the defense at the safety position.

Corey Mays: I have no idea how Mays acts on the field with the rest of his teammates.  I don't know how vocal he is or whether he's got the playbook down better than anyone else.  But I do know his story is unique and, just a guess, probably a Haley favorite. 

He's one of the off-the-street guys who came in and gave the Chiefs reason to part ways with Zach Thomas.  From an outsider's perspective, he's the epitome of Haley's 'I go by what i see' mantra.

Brandon Albert: I think Albert deserves serious consideration because of the way he reacted to the new regime.  He first came into offseason workouts weighing as high as 340 pounds.  After a, ahem, talking-to from coach Haley, he'll start the season around 305.

He bought into the system and appears to be someone Haley is counting on.