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Chiefs Coach Haley Will List Injured QB Cassel as 'Questionable'

Kansas City Chiefs head coach spoke to reporters this afternoon and indicated he will list quarterback Matt Cassel as "questionable" on the NFL's injury report.

Well, I could have told you he would be questionable.  In the NFL, however, it means the player has a '50-50' shot of playing.  Or, what just about every report that's come out has said about Cassel's status.

Here's how the folks at CBS Sports define the "questionable" label:

The most dreaded word on the report. The NFL says that players who have a 50-50 shot at playing should be listed here, but we very often see cases of this not being the case.

When we evaluate players listed as questionable, we see whether or not they practiced during the week. If they did, especially on Friday, then we'd lean a little closer to them playing than not. If they didn't practice, especially on Friday, then we'd expect them to be inactive on Sunday. 

So, questionable it is.

Todd Haley indicated after Monday's practice that for the coaching staff to even consider a player to be available, he has to practice on Friday before a Sunday game.  By all indications, Cassel will practice on Friday.

The injury report isn't to be confused with the practice report, which we'll see later today.  The practice report only lists players as out, did not practice, limited participation in practice or full participation in practice.  It appears Cassel will have a "limited participation in practice."

Historically, the practice reports will be released Wedneday and Thursdays while the injury report will be distributed on Friday.  In the past, the Chiefs have released the practice report between 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM on Wednesday.

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