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Chiefs Practice Update 9/9

The Kansas City Chiefs conducted practice this morning in preparation for Sunday's game against the Baltimore Ravens.

There's only one bit of news I think most of us are concerned with: How did Matt Cassel practice on his injured knee?

Not much changed from Monday's practice where he was reportedly operating "gingerly" with the left knee.

Per Bob Gretz:

"He worked that injured left knee in the position drills, although he did  not take part in any drill that required movement beyond a pass drop. Cassel worked some on hand-off timing with the running backs and then threw to the wide receivers.

"Just as he did on Monday, Cassel did not look brisk in his pass drops. He did seem willing to put more pressure  on his left knee on the follow through, however."

Josh Looney relays to us that there's a good chance Mike Brown will be the starter over DaJuan Morgan at strong safety this Sunday.  

"It appears that S Mike Brown is the front-runner to start at strong safety at Baltimore based off pre-practice prep work," he reports.