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A 'Sense of Optimism' that Injured Chiefs QB Matt Cassel Will Play Against Ravens

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel practiced yesterday but only gingerly stepped into passes.  Head coach Todd Haley said he'll probably need to practice on Friday to have a chance to play on Sunday.

So far, it's looking good for Cassel is that's the only requirement.  The Chiefs had a day off but get back at it tomorrow where we expect to see the quarterback take the field once again.

Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network shared his thoughts in this video on the timetable for Cassel's return.  Add him to the list of folks that think Cassel will be Sunday's starter.

"I do believe so. It's certainly looking that way.  Barring some sort of setback in practice the next few days, there's a sense of optimism he'll be ready to go.  He has a knee issue that he's grappling with there.

"He's the franchise.  This is the first game of the Scott Pioil/Todd Haley regime.  He was the fulcrum of their offseason machination."

"So, they want to him get him under center.  The knee was healthy enough to practice [yesterday].  They feel like three or four more days of good work and he should be in good shape.  If something flares up, health-wise, they're obviously not going to push it. 

"But, it's looking good."

And then host Rich Eisen brought up the worst stretch of the Chiefs schedule - four consecutive weeks against the NFC East.

So, there's optimism within the organization.  I'm starting to lean that way.  I think he'll start the game on Sunday.