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Photos from the Kansas City Chiefs Kickoff Luncheon


via KC Chiefs

The Mothership has posted some pretty good pictures of the Kansas City Chiefs Kickoff Luncheon in downtown Kansas City.

I put a couple of my favorites after the jump.  Click here to view the entire gallery.

Here is a funny story from Scott Pioli told at the luncheon.  This comes via Bob Gretz:

Pioli told a story about his six-year old daughter and a boy who sits next to her and has been teasing her about the Chiefs winless pre-season.

“I promised my wife I wouldn’t give this kid’s name up,” he said. “So we need to get a little winning done here to get the heat off my daughter and he takes it easy on her.

“But I do know where he lives and I know his parents,” Pioli added.

Couldn’t tell whether he was kidding or not.