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Several Kansas City Chiefs Change Jersey Numbers

If you were going to buy a Mike Brown jersey, read this first (Thanks for the heads up, Mr. Looney).

S Mike Brown switches from #48 to #30

  • Safeties are allowed #s 20-49

CB Richardo Colclough switches from #30 to #23

  • Cornerbacks are allowed #s 20-49

TE Jake O’Connell switches from #45 to #85

  • Tight ends are allowed #s 80-89 (and #s 40-49 if #s 80-89 are unavailable)

LB Pierre Walters switches from #67 to #97

  • Linebackers are allowed #s 50-59 and 90-99

RT Ryan O'Callaghan is wearing #75

  • Tackles are allowed #s 60-79

Strange rules for the NFL jersey numbers.  Occassionally, a new player will come onto the team wanting his old number that's occupied by someone else.  In most cases, the two players work out some sort of financial agreement to switch the numbers.  

It usually works out.  One of the most famous cases of it NOT working out is when Clinton Portis was traded to the Washington Redskins.  He wanted to wear his #26 he had previously worn in Denver.  Ifeanyi Ohalete was wearing #26 at the time so the two worked out a deal.

Portis paid $20,000 of the $40,000 due up front with an agreement to pay the rest later.  Well, Ohalete was cut from the team and Portis never ponied up the rest of the money.

The issue ended up getting close to a legal battle in court.  Ultimately, Portis paid $18,000 of the $20,000 due to Ohalete and the issue was dead.

So, next time you're ordering a $275 custom made jersey from the NFL, remember the $38,000 Portis paid.