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Chiefs GM Scott Pioli One of Many Connections to the Baltimore Ravens

Courtesy of the Kansas City Chiefs media release, we bring you a few notable connections between the Chief and Ravens.

These Baltimore connections clearly show how much Scott Pioli values working with people he's familiar with.

  • Kansas City GM Scott Pioli  served as the Pro Personnel Coordinator for Baltimore (’96).
  • Pioli (’88-89), Chiefs asst. GM Joel Collier (’88-89) and Ravens DL coach Clarence Brooks (’81-89) all coached at Syracuse.
  • Chiefs WRs coach Dedric Ward was a WR with Baltimore in 2003. 
  • Kansas City WR Terrance Copper played in two games with
    Baltimore in 2008.
  • WR Devard Darling, who is on IR with the Chiefs, saw action in 30 games (one start) in four seasons with Baltimore (2004-07).
  • Ravens WRs coach Jim Hostler (2000) and offensive line coach John Matsko (2006-07) both coached with the Chiefs. 
  • Chiefs T Branden Albert prepped at Glen Burnie High School.
  • Baltimore asst. offensive line coach Andy Moeller coached at Missouri (’94-99).

Everyone have a good day off? I pretty much wasted the day feeling a tad under the weather. I think I'm allergic to beer and tequila.