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Chiefs Depth Chart with Additions and Subtractions

The Kansas City Chiefs will likely release the real depth chart for week one at the Baltimore Ravens sometime later today but for now I've taken the most recent one they've made available (last week before the final preseason game) and made the appropriate additions and subtractions over the last week.

hmills110 did the same thing a couple days ago so this is essentially an extension of what he did.  Of course, I'm using the famous TheQ table.

Basically, what I've done is taken the old depth chart, removed the players who were released from the 53 man active roster, added the players we've signed and moved everyone up if there was a player in front of them cut.  This is not necessarily a reflection of how I think, or the Chiefs think, the current depth chart stands.  It's just moving names up and down according to the recent cuts and additions.

This doesn't necessarily mean this is the way things will shake out.  In fact, it definitely doesn't mean this is the way things will shake out.

You can take a look at the chart after the jump, but here's one of the most glaring weaknesses that jump out at me:

Defensive End

Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson are on the first team.  Wallace Gilberry and Alex Magee are backing up Dorsey.

There's no one listed behind Jackson which means one of three things:

  • Another player will be signed
  • Bobby Greenwood and/or Dion Gales will be promoted to the active roster from the practice squad
  • Gilberry or Magee will slide over and back up Jackson

There are certainly other weaknesses (wide receiver) and strengths (secondary) but this is the way things stand right now.  This will probably change later today with the release of the latest depth chart.

As you look at this, keep in mind the following are on the practice squad and could be promoted to the active roster: CB Jackie Bates, TE Tom Crabtree, DE Dion Gales, DE Bobby Greenwood, G Darryl Harris, RB Javarris Williams and WR Rodney Wright.  We're also expecting to hear that Barry Richardson will be added to the practice squad.

J. Page D. Morgan
J. McGraw M. Brown
Free Safety Strong Safety
P. Walters
T. McBride D.Johnson A. Studebaker
T. Hali M. Beisel J. Belcher M. Vrabel
OLB D. Williams
C. Mays OLB
A. Magee D. Washington
R. Colclough W. Gilberry T. Tyler M. Leggett
B. Carr G. Dorsey R. Edwards
T. Jackson
B. Flowers
Cornerback Def. End Nose Tackle Def. End Cornerback
Wide Receiver Tackle Guard Center Guard Tackle Tight End Wide Receiver
M. Bradley B. Albert B. Waters R. Niswanger M. Goff R. O'Callaghan S. Ryan T. Copper
B. Engram W. Smith A. Alleman
I. Ndukwe
B. Cottam D. Bowe
Q. Lawrence J. O'Connell
Slot Receiver
B. Engram Quarterback
Q. Lawrence Fullback M. Cassel Tailback
M. Cox B. Croyle
L. Johnson
T. Thigpen
J. Battle
M. Gutierrez
J. Charles KR/PR Punter
Long Snapper Kicker D. Savage Q. Lawrence D. Colquitt
T. Gafford
R. Succop
D. Savage

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