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Waiting for the Chiefs to Fill Up Their Practice Squad

Wow this waiting is tough. You know you're obsessed when you're getting excited over who in the heck the Kansas City Chiefs are going to sign to their practice squad.

And this excitement is pretty ridiculous if you think about. Rarely, and I mean rarely, do any of these PS guys end up having an effect on a season. They'll get released, cut and signed again possibly. But they probably won't take the field.

Even though the Chiefs haven't made an announcement yet about the practice squad roster, going by the Patriots' signings in recent years, we won't be waiting long. Scott Pioli and company liked getting their PS guys signed within days of the final cuts. And that's about how most teams do it.

In fact, many teams are already filling up their practice squads. I've been getting some good info from KFFL's NFL news feed. It's top notch.

  • The Bills and Bengals have signed eight each to their practice squads
  • The Bears have signed seven players to their PS
  • The Lions and Seahawks have each signed a couple players to their practice squads

So we're on our way to seeing this out. I've dubbed it the "Waiver Diaspora" in years past and I think that's a pretty cool way to describe this waiver process. Hundreds of guys shifting from city to city, team to team trying to find out where they fit best. Or more than likely, trying to find the one or two teams that want to sign them.

I'm not sure if the Chiefs practice squad announcement is going to come today or not. Use this thread as the open thread today to discuss the possible practice squad additions and waiver wire pick ups.

I know we've been talking about these cuts quite a bit recently. With a Thursday game, the weekends can kind of drag. Thanks for your patience. We'll have a new post when the practice squad additions are announced.