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Caplan: Chiefs LBs Pierre Walters, Jovan Belcher Make 53 Man Roster

Adam Caplan of Scout is reporting that Kansas City Chiefs undrafted free agent linebackers Pierre Walters and Jovan Belcher will make the 53 man roster.

This isn't the first time Walters and Belcher have been connected (on Arrowhead Pride, at least).

A source told Caplan, "Belcher could be active on most game days based on his solid performance during training camp." 

If the report is accurate then this is how the linebackers are shaking out for the Chiefs:

T. Hali D. Williams C. Mays M. Vrabel
T. McBride M. Beisel Z. Thomas A. Studebaker
P. Walters D. Johnson J. Belcher

Last year, Clancy Pendergast's Cardinals kept six linebackers.  On the flip side, Scott Pioli's Patriots kept nine linebackers last year and ten the year before that.

Right now there are 11 linebackers on the roster.  There could be 1-2 that won't make it.

My best guess is that Turk McBride and Andy Studebaker are fighting for one spot.  My take is that Studebaker gets it based on preseason play and training camp reports.

Suddenly, Zach Thomas has reason to worry.  There were reports out there that he was considering retirement or some sort of injury settlement.  Assuming Belcher makes the team like Caplan reports, then Thomas might be looking at that injury settlement.  Just a guess, though.

Previously, Peter King of Sports Illustrated reported after his visit to River Falls, WI that the Chiefs brass were very high on Belcher so his addition isn't a shock.

Caplan has been right about the Chiefs before so I'm feeling pretty good about this report.  We won't be completely certain until 5:00 PM (CST) when the everything becomes official.

Update: Belcher has confirmed the move to the CMSB.