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Growing Momentum for Chiefs Keeping Four Quarterbacks

Over the past nine months since Scott Pioli was hired, we've learned that he's usually more prepared than we realize.  In fact, he made one promise the day he was hired.  It wasn't a Super Bowl guarantee like he was a part of so many times in New England, or even a playoff guarantee or even a wins per season guarantee.

He promised that no one else in the NFL would outwork him.

Judging by what I've heard from folks in and around One Arrowhead Drive, that's a true statement.  If you watched the Chiefs game last Thursday, then you saw Pioli being interviewed on the sidelines and said he's keeping an eye on not only the players the Chiefs will have to release, but also the 600 some odd players the rest of the NFL will release.

He's prepared for anything.  And that's why there are more and more opinions coming out that the Chiefs will start the regular season with four quarterbacks on the roster.


1) Matt Cassel may not be ready to play or completely healthy by week one leaving only two quarterbacks against last year's No. 2 overall defense

2) His possible replacement, Brodie Croyle, has a track record of injury

3) A scenario in which Cassel doesn't play, Croyle gets hurt and one quarterback remains is far too possible (and, to some, likely)

If Pioli's thought process is similar to the scenarios above, then it's very, very possible the Chiefs don't cut any of their four quarterbacks at 5:00 PM CST today.  In fact, Bill Williamson of has a feeling the Chiefs will be keeping all four.

While anything can happen in the next day, I’m getting the feeling Kansas City is leaning toward keeping four quarterbacks when they make their 53-man roster Saturday. 

I know just a few hours ago I deemed it unlikely but the more I read and the more I think about it, four makes sense.

If that's the case, which it very well could be, then the Chiefs would probably be releasing one of the quarterbacks once Cassel returns to full health within a couple of weeks.

So, for those expecting the third quarterback debate to die today, don't get your hopes up.  We may be having this same conversation next week.