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Kansas City Chiefs Roster Cutdown Shakes up Offensive Line


Photo courtesy John Sleezer of the Kansas City Star

If we're going to go by the most recent depth chart provided by the Kansas City Chiefs, there are only two offensive tackles on the team following this afternoon's release of eight players.

Left Tackle Left Guard Center Right Guard Right Tackle
B. Albert B. Waters R. Niswanger M. Goff B. Richardson

W. Smith A. Alleman
C. Brown

D. Harris
I. Ndukwe

The final depth chart of the Chiefs 2008 season showed there were four offensive tackles.

Left Tackle Left Guard Center Right Guard Right Tackle
B. Albert B. Waters R. Niswanger W. Smith
D. McIntosh
H. Taylor
W. Smith W. Smith
A. Jones
H. Taylor

B. Richardson

In reality, however, Ikechuku Ndukwe, acquired from the trade with the Miami Dolphins, has seen some time at right tackle.  Colin Brown played the position in college at Missouri but, at least during training camp, has been at guard.

Barry Richardson's performance as a starter at right tackle a couple weeks ago was bland at best.  He's young, and the ceiling appears to be high because of some of his physical attributes, but we're concerned with what he can do for the Chiefs right now.  And, right now, he may not be the answer.

Unfortunately, as I peruse the roster, he may have to be the answer.

So, do the Chiefs really only have two tackles, maybe three including Ndukwe, on this team?

Wade Smith can play some tackle, in an emergency, but he's lined up as an interior lineman all offseason. 

If I were the Chiefs brass, I'd keep tabs on every right tackle in the NFL who might be released or might be available for the right price.  Myself, and nearly everyone else on Arrowhead Pride, has been saying that for weeks, months and, for some, years.  But after getting a visual of this depth chart, it's becoming increasingly obvious that a change has to be made and, in my humble opinion, likely will be made.

As Josh Looney pointed out earlier today, the Chiefs have released 11 players since establishing their 80 man roster.  Of the 11 that were released, five have been offensive linemen.  To me, that's an indication that the Chiefs are almost desperately seeking a combination that works.

So, that's five holdovers from the 2008 line and five additions to the 2009 line.

The Chiefs had nine offensive linemen that suited up last season.  They have ten right now.  So, it's conceivable that, barring any personnel moves, this is the unit that will line up week one at Baltimore.  I don't think it's likely, considering Scott Pioli's past history of making personnel moves quickly, but it's possible.