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Three Reasons for the Kansas City Chiefs Winless Preseason

Not turning the ball over, converting third downs and putting points on the board is the easiest path to victory.  Uh...easier said than done, right?  In the Chiefs case, yes.

The Chiefs rank near the bottom in these three key categories and it's the biggest reason they went winless in the 2009 preseason.  These aren't the only reasons, but they're some of the biggest.


This statistic is a little surprising considering the amount of emphasis placed on discipline and protecting the football.

The Chiefs are -8 in turnovers in four games.  Only the Cardinals are worse.

Only two teams have fumbled more than the Chiefs 11, and five of those they lost.  Chiefs don't stand a chance this season if they continue this trend.

Third Down Percentage

28%.  The Chiefs convert just over one in four third downs.  Ugh.

In 54 attempts, only 15 first downs have been made on third down.  

I don't think there's anything more frustrating for an offense.  Converting third downs keeps your offense on the field while at the same time wearing down the defense giving you a better opportunity to continue to convert third downs and, gasp, put points on the board.

Even that 28% number is inflated due to one game for the Chiefs.  Against the Vikings, the Chiefs converted eight of 15 third down opportunities.

That's more than all the other games.  Combined.  3/13, 1/10 and 3/16 will not cut it.  

Points Scored

10.5 points per game is the worst in the NFL.  Five teams have scored more points in just three preseason games and, assuming the Texans score more than two points in their next game, the Chiefs will have scored less points than every other NFL team in the preseason.

Wait a minute. I thought we were supposed to give up more points than any other team.  What is this, the bizarro Chiefs?