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Chiefs Coach Keeps Talkin' Up Rookie Jovan Belcher

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On Monday, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley was pretty simplistic when asked about rookie UDFA Jovan Belcher.

"Yeah, I think you'll see more of 59," in response to Belcher taking first team snaps from Corey Mays in the second half of the loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

He went on a little bit to say why he likes Belcher - mainly he can hit, run and play special teams.  Simple, right?

Today, the New York media asked a handful of questions on Belcher, which is unusual because A) opposing teams' media usually don't care about UDFAs and B) they only have a limited amount of time to ask questions meaning they'll normally stick to the big names. 

Nevertheless, Haley was asked about the rookie and again praised him.

"Not enough, not enough," Haley said when asked how many snaps Belcher was in on last week, "because he is a guy we wanted on the field and just because the way the game went and ended up, not enough. We are going to do some more things to get him out there."

Haley said Belcher was fired up last week, which might have contributed to a few miscues, but that's to be expected of an undrafted player coming out of a small school (Maine).

"I think he was a little wound-up last week with it being his first real action defensively," Haley said. "That caused him to get out of position a little bit, but I think the more he gets his feet under him and gets comfortable a little bit, we are going to see that he has a chance to be a player."

I've mentioned a few times that Belcher was undrafted but, according to Haley, the Chiefs nearly spent a draft pick on him in April partly due to the fact that they had some familiarity with his agent.

"Just a guy that our scouting, personnel staff had on the radar. We thought he was a draftable type player that when he wasn’t we thought it was a bonus to end up with him as a free agent."

And now?

"Now he is getting a little chance to play."