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Chiefs Coach Talks About Incoming and Outgoing Players

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley talked about some of the activity that took place at Arrowhead yesterday afternoon. 

First things first.  Here's what he said about Ryan O'Callaghan now being listed as the first team right tackle:

"We practiced O’Callaghan first today," Haley said.  "You can’t hold me to what we’re going to do on Sunday. It’s going to be determined on how we practice and how the guys practice."

Onto the new Chief, Leonard Pope, previously with Haley and the Arizona Cardinals:

"Leonard’s a big guy who’s real tough, fast, can really stretch the field," he said when asked about Pope.  "I think he’s a great individual – one of my favorites there from Arizona who will give you a full day’s work and your money’s worth every single day. He likes to play and he likes to practice. He’s my kind of guy. When we got the opportunity to bring somebody in we were happy to get Leonard."

Haley indicated that Pope could indeed see time on Sunday.  "He's practicing to play," he said.

More reaction from the roster movement after the jump.

The coach wouldn't discuss how the trade for Tyler Thigpen went down but did say he thought he had a chance to be pretty good with the Miami Dolphins.

"I don’t want to speak for Tyler," he began.  "Tyler’s a great kid that I was really excited about and was making progress here, especially the last week or so and I think he saw that progress. But for myself, I think this is a great opportunity for him also. I know a bunch of those guys down there and I know how they’re going to coach him."

And one of the Chiefs that Haley brought in over the offseason, who was released yesterday, Monty Beisel:

"Monty was a guy that I had familiarity with. It just didn’t work out. I love everything about Monty and how he works and prepares and what he brings to the team. It was a numbers thing, number one. Number two, a depth thing where he probably would have liked to have been playing a lot more and had kind of been relegated to special teams."

He also touched on a couple of the other new guys, LB David Herron and CB Mike Richardson.  Both appear to be looking at a lot of special teams action.  On Herron:

"I like for number one that he’s fast. He’s got very good speed, a run-and-hit guy and what I know of him he’s got a chance to be a good special teamer first. Any chance we’ve got to improve our team speed I think we need to do it."

And Richardson:

"Mike Richardson, the Notre Dame corner, he’s another fast guy. I think, again, if we can improve our team speed on either side we need to do it."

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