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If the Rams Dome Fell, Would Anyone Be Around to Hear It?

Axel_st_louis_medium_mediumAh, the age old question.  If the Edward Jones Dome, home of the St. Louis Rams, fell to the ground tonight, would anyone be around to hear it?

Yes, my friends, it's time for our Annual St. Louis bashing!

St. Louis is so bad they have to create their own magazine (The Sporting News) to be voted the best fans.  

Memo from the United States to St. Louis: You are not an East Coast city.  Stop believing that you are.

If Axl Rose thinks St. Louis sucks then so do I.

I've been to one Rams game in my life and, let me tell you, it's a shocking experience.  Tailgating is replaced by stops at White Castle or Imo's Pizza on the way out to the stadium, rowdy fans in the parking lot are replaced by folks who sound and look like they're headed to a funeral (I guess, in some respects, they kind of are) and the first step into the stadium....

...Well, it ain't pretty.  My first Rams game, I was picked up by a friend, let's call him Scooter, and he was dressed in khakis and a collared shirt.  Yes, business casual for a football game. I know, I know, you don't believe me but it's the truth.  That's just how they dress. 

No one yells, there is no Tomahawk Chop, no DE - FENSE...nothing.  It's like a yacht club.  No wonder the team has picked second in the draft two years in a row.  It's unbelievable.

Of course the title to this post could be a legitimate question because the Rams attendance is about as disappointing as the boring, corporate dome they play in.  The Rams had the third WORST attendance in 2008.  Only the Lions and Raiders had less fans attend games than the Rams. 

The Chiefs alone had 113,000 more fans attend a game in 2008 than the city across the state.

So, tonight the Chiefs play in the poor man's Kansas City, they'll run out of that dome to the boos of over 8,000 people and we'll watch our No. 3 overall pick take down their No. 2 overall pick.

Kansas City is watching (and possibly only Kansas City), Chiefs, so do us proud.


Date Visiting team Home team Stadium
August 19, 1996 St. Louis Rams 34 Kansas City Chiefs 30 Arrowhead Stadium
August 22, 1997 Kansas City Chiefs 13 St. Louis Rams 14 Trans World Dome
August 28, 1998 St. Louis Rams 10 Kansas City Chiefs 6 Arrowhead Stadium
August 31, 2001 Kansas City Chiefs 17 St. Louis Rams 21 Edward Jones Dome
August 30, 2002 St. Louis Rams 16 Kansas City Chiefs 23 Arrowhead Stadium
August 28, 2003 Kansas City Chiefs 22 St. Louis Rams 6 Edward Jones Dome
August 23, 2004 St. Louis Rams 7 Kansas City Chiefs 24 Arrowhead Stadium
September 2, 2005 Kansas City Chiefs 23 St. Louis Rams 27 Edward Jones Dome
August 26, 2006 St. Louis Rams 12 Kansas City Chiefs 16 Arrowhead Stadium
August 30, 2007 Kansas City Chiefs 3 St. Louis Rams 10 Edward Jones Dome
August 28, 2008 St. Louis Rams 17 Kansas City Chiefs 21 Arrowhead Stadium

It's Game Time.

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