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Five Things to Watch for Tonight as the Chiefs Take on the Rams

Good morning AP readers! It's game day!

Yes, I'm already getting pumped up for this evening's game against the St. Louis Rams. As a heads up, the game is on at 7 PM central time. We will have the normal 4-5 posts during the game and we'll try to manage the 2000+ comments we had last game.

As a little primer for you this morning, I've got five things to watch for listed after the jump. Here's what I'm talking about:

  • Wide recievers to watch for
  • Who's playing in place of Brandon Flowers
  • More on the battle at right tackle
  • End of game execution
  • Missouri sports viewing habits

Enjoy and remember....GOOOOOO CHIEFS!!!

Who's the #2 WR? Or the #3? or #4?

Wide Receiver
D.Darling T. Copper
M. Bradley A. Toomer
B. Engram D. Bowe
Q. Lawrence T. Johnson
R. Wright Slot Receiver A. Lelie
B. Engram
Q. Lawrence
R. Wright

This is of course the latest Kansas City Chiefs WR depth chart. Dwayne Bowe is of course our #1 wide out but who's next after that?

I think Ashley Lelie has made the most of his playing time out of any of these guys. Despite having only four catches for 64 yards, Lelie has stuck out in my mind as a strong candidate to be this team's #2 wide receiver when the season starts.

Bobby Engram appears to be the veteran we're holding to at the WR position. With the release of Amani Toomer on Tuesday, it makes sense that the Chiefs will keep at least one veteran WR on the team and Engram appears to be that guy.

Terrence Copper is a bit of a wildcard here because frankly I haven't read or seen much from him this preseason. He has one catch this preseason and rarely, if ever, was mentioned in our training camp reports. Still, he does sit atop the depth chart. That must account for something, right?

I think Quinten Lawrence has earned a roster spot for himself this presason. He has the second most preseason receptions behind Bowe.

If there are two odd men out, I'm choosing Taurus Johnson and Rodney Wright to get cut in this next round of roster cuts on September 6th. Neither one has been particularly strong. I know Wright has shown some flashes of training camp brilliance but I don't take that to mean much. it seems like every off season there's a guy like Wright who when the ax comes down on him in the first or second round of cuts, everyone flips out and is shocked.

Donald Washington Week 1 starter?

And for those wondering, the mystery of Brandon Flowers' shoulder injury continues. This means that someone will have to step in and take his place. Is that rookie Donald Washington?

I'm not sure. Travis Daniels and Maurice Leggett are ahead of him on the depth chart. Leggett plays a lot of nickelback but I see no reason why he doesn't step in in place of Flowers tonight at some point. Leggett is a rising star on this team and I bet he plays pretty well.

On the other hand, Washington has been running with the first team in place of Flowers this past week in practice. Sounds like Washington may get the start.

RT Battle

Damion McIntosh moved to the reserve left tackle role last week when the Chiefs signed right tackle Ikechuku Ndukwe but moved back to first team right tackle this week in practice.

Throw in Barry Richardson, who at this point is not a consideration for the starting spot, and you've got three fairly evenly matched players battling.

My prediction is entirely gut based - Ndukwe first team RT and McIntosh will back him up to start the season.

Can the Chiefs execute at the end of the game?

I know it's only the preseason but the Chiefs have had chances in all three of their preseason games to come back in the fourth quarter. Against the Texans, Vikings and Seahawks, the Chiefs had the ball late in the fourth quarter but could not put together a scoring drive.

Last season the team was absolutely terrible in the second half. We're way above that now. But still, you'd like to see some late game savvy when you can.

Will this be the most viewed TV event in MIssouri this evening?

Probably not. With Rams fans, you never know what you're going to get. I bet most people in St. Louis don't even know there is a game tonight.

I'm not even sure I'd want to go to this game. It's in a downtown St. Louis. Talk about your empty, imagination less places.


Let us know your thoughts on these topics in the comments.