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Do the Chiefs Have Anyone in for Free Agent Workout Day?

Tuesdays are generally the day of the week that teams bring in free agents for workouts.  Presumably, the Kansas City Chiefs are doing the same today.  There's usually quite a bit of movement on Tuesday and today is no exception.

The Tyler Thigpen trade today means there is an opening on the 53 man roster.  The early favorite, per speculation earlier this week, is Lance Long being promoted from the practice squad.

Here are a few moves that may be of interest:

  • Former Chief WR Taurus Johnson tried out for the Lions today.  He was signed as a UDFA (and the Chiefs worked him out pre-draft) by the Chiefs and released on the final big cutdown day.
  • T Levi Jones worked out for the Packers.  The team isn't in a whole lot of need at left tackle so we assume this was for a shot as a right tackle.
  • S Keith Davis tried out for the Titans today.  The Chiefs reportedly worked him out way back in March but there's been no movement on this.  He's a special teams guy as well.
  • CB Roderick Hood tried out for the Titans as well.  The Chiefs have reportedly worked out a few defensive backs in recent weeks.
  • The Patriots released LB Prescott Burgess yesterday.  As we've noticed, the Chiefs like former Patriots.  (As butchcassidy pointed out in the comments, Burgess was only a Patriot for a few weeks.  He was previously with the Ravens, who play the Patriots this season)

Here's a list of official transactions.

This certainly isn't a comprehensive list of players that might interest the Chiefs.  The Tuesday workout players are rarely reported but last week we found out the team worked out two defensive backs, Corey Ivy and Lewis Sanders, as well as return man Justin Miller.

We'll stay on top of any reports that come out regarding the Chiefs free agent workouts.