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Dolphins Fans React to Acquiring Tyler Thigpen from the Chiefs

The Miami Dolphins fans initial reaction to acquiring Tyler Thigpen from the Kansas City Chiefs for an undisclosed draft choice is mostly positive.  However, as The Phinsider points out, Thigpen's experience might make for a sticky situation at some point.

Here's what The Phinsider had to say about the trade:

"While we shouldn't read too much into this seeing as how we all knew the Dolphins would be bringing in some quarterback with starting experience to compliment Henne and White, it's worth noting that Thigpen is only 25 years old and has far more starting experience than both of Miami's two quarterbacks combined. "

For the time being, though, the folks from The Phinsider expect him to be the team's third quarterback.  I asked for the editor of The Phinsider's initial reaction to the trade.  Here's what Matty had to say:

"I really like the move, assuming the Dolphins didn't give up too high of a draft pick," Matty writes.

"Thigpen really impressed me when I watched him last year in a handful of games - especially in the game against the Dolphins in the freezing cold of KC.  I love his athleticism, but am worried about his lack of ideal accuracy.

"To be honest, though, I hope he never has to see the field in Miami.  Let's be real for a moment - he's coming here as insurance incase Chad Henne completely flops or gets hurt.  Pat White was the only other QB on the roster following Chad Pennington's injury, so the Dolphins needed to go out and get a QB with a little starting experience.

"It's nice to know the Dolphins have another option just incase - but here's to hoping Thigpen never has to step foot on the field.  After all, that would mean Chad Henne remained healthy and was productive.  And that's exactly what all Dolphin fans want to see right now."