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Chiefs Have Been Aggressive in Bringing College Games to Arrowhead

The best college game I've ever been to?  Easy.  The matchup between top 5 MU and KU a few years back (with MU winning by the way).  The game was great but it was intensified because it took place in Arrowhead Stadium on a cold, cold night.  It reminded me of a few Kansas City Chiefs games over the years.

It's hard to beat a night game in Arrowhead Stadium late into the winter.  For me, it's impossible to beat.  It just doesn't get any better than that.

The Chiefs brass has continued their pursuit of giving college teams a similar opportunity with this weekend's matchup between Kansas State and Iowa State.

Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads weighed in on the advantages of moving a game to Arrowhead. "They (players) are very excited about what may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," he said. "How many kids get an opportunity to play in a National Football League stadium?"

How many?  13 games in Arrowhead Stadium since 1998, which makes the Chiefs, according to Scott Dochterman of the Gazette Online, one of the more aggressive NFL teams in pursuing college games.  For them, it's a good move on a number levels, especially financially, Chiefs President Denny Thum says.

"There’s always a financial aspect to it but as much as anything it’s the desire to go ahead and host some big games here," Thum said. "We blow both schools away as far as the money that they make having this event at Arrowhead Stadium. They can make more — each team playing at Arrowhead Stadium — with these types of crowds than they can ever think of hosting it at their home school."

K-State and Iowa State will each give up a home game in exchange for two games at Arrowhead and about $1.8 million.  Not bad, right?  Well, not bad for Iowa State.

Their neighbors, Iowa, made about $2.7 million per game in 2007 so, according to Associate Athletic Director Mark Abbott, the offer would have to make financial sense. He says if the deal is right, they would consider doing the same - except probably not in Kansas City as he called Chicago a "positive choice for us."

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