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A Few Chiefs Might Be Seeing More Playing Time

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In this afternoon's session with the media, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley indicated a few reserve players will begin to see some more playing time.

Speaking on Jovan Belcher, who took over Corey Mays' LB spot in the second half, Haley said he's liking what he sees so far.

"Yeah, I think you’ll see more of 59," Haley said.  "I think he’s a guy that’s impressed us all from early on and I think we’ve got a potential player there. Whenever you’ve got a guy who can run and hit and shows up around the football and has done a good job on special teams it helps. That’s a guy that needs to be on the field. It was his first real action. He gives us some speed and is a run-and-hit guy."

Belcher is an undrafted free agent out of Maine so this is great news for him.  It seems that every year there's an undrafted free agent that makes an impact.  It looks like that player might be Belcher this season.

Another defensive player, DE Wallace Gilberry, caught Haley's eye.

"He made a couple of effort plays," Haley said when asked about Gilberry.  "He didn’t have very many plays but I think he showed up, but I like some things that Wallace has done. He’s a high-effort player that seems to play hard and likes it. I would say for the amount of plays that he played he showed up."

Last week the Eagles' DeSean Jackson caught a 64 yard touchdown pass, which prompted Donald Washington to replace Maurice Leggett as the nickelback.  The depth chart remains the same at that position but Haley indicated he'll have no hesitation making changes like that.

"We’ll see," Haley said when asked about Washington seeing more playing time.  "We were running out of bodies at one point. When you’re not seeing what you want to see I’m not going to be afraid to change any of those guys. They know it and it’s pretty clear we’ve got to get better and it’s not going to stay the same. It’s not going to stay the same. Whatever it is, that won’t be accepted. In my mind it can’t stay the same if it’s not going the way you want it to."

H/T stagsdp in the FanShots for the link