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Chiefs Don't Convert a Third Down in Loss to the Eagles

The Kansas City Chiefs offense did not convert a third down in a 34-14 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday.  We're not surprising anyone when we say it's nearly impossible to win a game with a 0.0% on third down.


The Chiefs had 12 drives and faced a third down in 11 of those.  They failed to convert every time but did convert a fourth down at one point.

Of the 11 third downs, eight of them had more than five yards to go.  A Bowe-less Chiefs offense + 3rd and long = 0/11 on third down conversions.

Of those eight third downs with more than five to go, three were a completed pass for less than the necessary yards.  The Mark Bradley syndrome?

Of those eight third downs with more than five to go, three were a rush.  And they all came in the second half after the Chiefs had what Todd Haley called an "unacceptable" first half rushing the ball.  So, the Chiefs didn't run it on third and long every time but that number increased as the game entered the second half (and the Chiefs facing a big deficit).

Josh Looney of investigated the third down issue a little further and came away with this:

"But to understand the true problem, you have to dig further into the pile," Looney begins.  "It’s truly the third-down scenarios themselves that have haunted Kansas City.  On 36 third down attempts in 2009, the Chiefs have only had seven tries at a third down of less than three yards to go.

"I’ll say it again, only seven attempts in a situations of third-and-three or shorter."

After the jump, I've broken down the Chiefs 0/11 third down performance by drive.

Drive No. 1

3rd and 25: Sack

Drive No. 2

3rd and 10: 6 yard pass

Drive No. 3

3rd and 13: 2 yard pass

Drive No. 4

No third downs: Touchdown

Drive No. 5

3rd and 6: Incomplete pass

Drive No. 6

3rd and 1: Cassel sacked

Drive No. 7

3rd and 20: 6 yard rush

Drive No. 8

3rd and 1: -1 yard rush

Drive No. 9

3rd and 13: 4 yard rush

Drive No. 10

3rd and 1: Incomplete pass

Drive No. 11

3rd and 10: 0 yard rush

Drive No. 12

3rd and 13: 6 yard pass