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Stats Tell the Story of the Kansas City Chiefs Season Thus Far

Through three games the Kansas City Chiefs have been competitive in two (Baltimore Ravens and Oakland Raiders) and blown out in another (Philadelphia Eagles).  Statistically, the Chiefs were blown out in two games and competitive in one.

Of course, they've lost all three of those games.

We learned in the loss to the Oakland Raiders that stats don't tell the whole story.  Unfortunately, that was an anomaly.  In yesterday's 34-14 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, stats told the whole story.

The Chiefs were simply dominated in every aspect of the game.  The passing game, while accurate with Matt Cassel (14/18) was troubled with third downs all afternoon.  With a big deficit by the third quarter, Todd Haley tried to force the run but it was too late.

Through three games, the story remains the same.  The Chiefs rank in the bottom third of the league in points, both offensively and defensively, and if it weren't for a decent rushing day against the Raiders last week, they would be near the bottom in that category both offensively and defensively.

In short, there really aren't any silver linings here.  After the jump, I rounded up some of the major statistics and how the Chiefs rank relative to the rest of the NFL.  Warning: The stats after the jump might make your stomach queasy. 


  • Offense: 16.0 (24th)
  • Defense: 28.3 (27th)

Total Yards

  • Offense: 264.3 (30th)
  • Defense: 363.3 (22nd)

Pass Yards

  • Offense: 164.0 (28th)
  • Defense: 243.0 (20th)

Rush Yards

  • Offense: 100.3 (22nd)
  • Defense: 119.3 (28th)