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Chiefs S Mike Brown: 'Just think if they had McNabb and Westbrook'

When the Philadelphia Eagles posted a 34-14 victory against the Kansas City Chiefs this afternoon, they weren't even at full strength.  In fact, they weren't even close.

Out for the Eagles included starting QB Donovan McNabb, starting RB Brian Westbrook and WR Kevin Curtis.

Bob Ford of the Philadelphia Inquirer said it best in a column appropriated titled 'The Chiefs simply had no chance':

Ford writes, "Not knowing exactly how the season will work out for the Eagles, how they will hold together despite injuries and some inexperience at important positions, all of that doesn't seem as terrible after you get a look at the Kansas City Chiefs.

"The Chiefs know exactly how this season is going to come out for them."

With the Eagles far from full strength, one Chiefs player knows that, even with a 20 point loss, things could have been worse.

"We prepared, but you can't simulate the way they do it," said strong safety Mike Brown. "They kicked our [butts] today. That's the bottom line. Just think if they had [Donovan] McNabb and [Brian] Westbrook. They've got some Pro Bowl players over there."

Pro Bowl talents indeed.  Except...these players aren't actually Pro Bowlers.  Backup QB Kevin Kolb had the third highest passing totals around the NFL today.  DeSean Jackson would've had more receiving yards than anyone if not for a 178 yard day from Santana Moss.

With the traditional Pro Bowl talents out, the Eagles turned to the Wildcat on a handful of plays.

"A lot of teams are doing [the Wildcat] now," said Kansas City free safety Jon McGraw. "It comes down to who you've got running it, and today Philly had some guys that made it hard to stop. Is what they're doing the right overall strategy? I've got no clue, but it seems to be working pretty well right now."

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