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Chiefs Players Respond to 34-14 Loss to the Eagles

A few Kansas City Chiefs players spoke with reporters following the game. has video of a few post-game comments.

Tank Tyler on the defense

"As far as rushing the passer and preventing them from catching the ball...they were able to complete a lot of passes today and they were able to get a lot off.  The wildcat kinda hurt us a litlte bit.  But we prepared for everything they did.

Dustin Colquitt on his punting

"I think it's doing good.  I think I had a 43.5 net or so so that means the coverage guys are getting down there.  I think we've had nine yards before going into this game, of returns on the season so that's good so we're keeping thme from getting their return guys in the game so we hope to keep that up.

Mike Brown on being frustrated

"Most definitely.  You can't give up the amount of yardage we did and the points and expect to win.  That's the way it is.  It's the NFL and when you get a good offense like that going they're hard to stop.

Matt Cassel on surprises from the Eagles defense.

"Not really.  We knew they were going to bring some pressure and we anticipated that.  They did a good job.  A lot of times they were bringing one more than we could block.  We just gotta keep working hard, keep our head down and come out of this thing on the other side."

Bobby Wade on when the team will compete

"It's strictly up to the will of the players.  We're going to have to, as individuals and a team, decide when we're ready to compete.  I think Coach Haley is doing everything in his power to get us prepared to do that.  It's going to be up to us as individuals and as a team to decide to make it happen."