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Announcers Tell the Story in Chiefs 34-14 Loss to the Eagles

CBS' James Brown used the word "spanking" in describing the Philadelphia Eagles 34-14 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.

And there's really no way we can argue with him.  The Eagles more than doubled the points Vegas gave them and had a statistically impressive day doing it.

Here are a few quotes from various media folks, mostly the CBS announcers for the game Solomon Wilcots and Kevin Harlan.

"How about that? Kansas City Chiefs still putting up a fight.  Refusing to concede knowing if they make a stop, they'll get the ball back."  -Solomon Wilcots

This quote has been following the Chiefs in 26 of their last 28 games.  Never good enough...

"They're trying to do anything they can to get the ball out without Cassel taking any more punishment today."   -Solomon Wilcots

The offensive line pressured Matt Cassel all day and helps show why the Chiefs were so terrible on third down.

"He ever surprised himself, he told us last night, how well he was able to move in the pocket." Solomon Wilcots on Matt Cassel

The national media is generally impressed with Cassel, I think, though, there's a growing faction that points at the contract.

"Eagles 34-7.  Kolb, right on the money as his tight end takes it in for six!"   -Kevin Harlan

Eagles TE Brent Celek was one of two players to go over 100 yards receiving.

"Not a lot of production, but I think for a guy who hasn't played in a meaningful game in 1,001 days, there was some rust and he told us there would be.  But the key is no turnovers - no egregious errors."   -Solomon Wilcots on Michael Vick

I think the Eagles are moving Vick in there at a nice pace.

"I think you're going to see an Eagle on just about every leaderboard."  -Solomon Wilcots on the stats

Ha...327 yards passing from Kolb and 149 yards receiving from Jackson.  Jackson could be the leader this week.

"If you were to talk to the Kansas City Chiefs, you understand the work you've gotta put in."  -Solomon Wilcots

But they're on the right track....

"Clearly a team in transition.  Offensively, they are not where they thought they would be."   -Phill Simms

It's going to be interesting to see how folks respond to Todd Haley if the Chiefs offense struggles.  Part of the reason Haley was brought in here was because the job he did as the Arizona Cardinals offensive coordinator.

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