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Offensive Penalties the Lowlight in Chiefs Loss to the Eagles

Late in the Kansas City Chiefs 34-14 debacle to the Philadelphia Eagles, one of the CBS announcers said the Chiefs had seven offensive penalties. 

Seven!  Three were from receivers, one on the quarterback and three on the offensive line.  Branden Albert was one of them so the miscues in his sophomore season continue.

“Penalties are something we coach hard and talk about a lot,” head coach Todd Haley told reporters after the game. “We’ve got to do a better job as coaches. When you have that many penalties two weeks in a row that falls on me."

Here's a quick snapshot of the Chiefs offensive penalties with the down and distance.

  • 1st and 10: Mark Bradley - Offensive pass interference (10 yards)
  • 2nd and 21: Matt Cassel - Delay of game (5 yards)
  • 1st and 10: Branden Albert - Offensive holding (10 yards)
  • 2nd and 7: Brian Waters - False Start (5 yards)
  • 3rd and 10: Ikechuku Ndukwe - Offensive holding (10 yards)
  • 2nd and 7: Sean Ryan - Offensive pass interference (10 yards)
  • 2nd and 14: Mark Bradley - Offensive holding (10 yards)

The Chiefs were moved back 60 yards on those seven penalties.  The Chiefs offense, as noted by Phil Simms earlier today, is not where they expected to be.  That means seven offensive penalties gives them almost no chance.

Sigh.  Maybe we'll just start copy and pasting articles from weeks 10-17 last year.